Tuesday, May 12, 2009

One Day At A Time

I Would Love it we would take more time to Pray....Instead of spining thru life......Questioning God what's Next? ?? For us......I had a very special person in my life to tell me to "TAKE ONE HOUR AT A TIME THAN ONE DAY AT A TIME" I guess having a sick child that will be taking 23pills a day by the end of May,you look at life alittle differently........I have watched how people lifes have changed,whether it was church problems or family or sickness and death in the family, it has effectived us all,no repect a person.......Were has the LOVE gone for people?? It seems no one cares for each other.....We should be lifting each other in prayer.....Well,I am going to take Life one hour at a time.......Love Cindy

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